From Brisbane, 7 March 2015

“Absolutely the best CPD workshop that I’ve ever attended since 2005. Very well organized logistics and admin/registration process. Good catering. Very experienced and knowledgeable presenter. I am grateful that Nigel is willing to offer genuine advise. Good value for money. I like the case study sessions with the opportunity to learn from other agents.

“Excellent printed material – professionally compiled. Nigel Dobbie is a master of his craft and it is a pleasure to attend his CPDs. I’m already looking forward to next year’s CPD event.”

“Excellent as usual.

“Very good content that is relevant to my practice with very helpful supporting materials to consider later.

“Great tips. Informative seminar. Thank you Nigel.

“Excellent as always.

“Very good – thorough and timely. Getting through a lot information relevant my practice.

Very useful and informative.”

Very interesting and very informative.”

Very useful to my practice. Excellent course materials.”

“Great seminar.”

“Great day. Thank you both so much. I'll certainly be in touch with Nigel if any 'situations' arise.

Once again, kudos to Nigel for yet another flawless migration CPD event, in Brisbane.”

Thanks for all your hardwork in helping to make the day interesting and running smoothly.”

From Sydney, 27 February 2015

Valuable to learn from the Master and listen to inputs from experienced colleagues.”

“Nigel and company continue to be the benchmark for CPD. Thank You for an enjoyable and educational day.

Great CPD Workshop as usual. Please don’t change anything.”

Stimulating to work through real life case studies in reference to theory.”

Extremely well-informed workshop, well taught.”

“Very organized & ran very smoothly.”

Great presenter, very interesting and knowledgeable.”

Enjoyed the table discussions. Best CPD I have been to.

Great workshop as usual. So many valuable tips.”

It's just awesome session and really useful in daily practice. The way you conducted the session is really appreciable.

Excellent structure, clear, well formatted materials. Interesting presenter.”

Very enjoyable and informative session. Nigel is an enthusiastic presenter which always helps with concentration levels!”

From Perth, 20 February 2015

“Very informative sessions. Would like to get notification for future workshops in advance by email. Discussed quite gray areas as well. Nigel keeps you actively involved. Overall very satisfied and recommend it to my friends.”

Very pleasing, interesting and significant value for education.”

“Everything is fantastic.”

“Excellent presentation.”

Excellent presenter. Very Informative.”

“Great workshop.”

Informative and useful as always.”

It was very good. Nigel is a very good presenter, very knowledgeable.”

“Great materials, excellent lecture.”

From Melbourne, 13 February 2015

“The CPD session is very informative. Good discussions.

“Was full of knowledge and helpful.”

Good and informative.

“Overall was a good presentation and very helpful for my practice especially 457 section.

“Thank you Nigel for an in depth interpretation of the regulation. Always enjoyed his humors/ Looking forward to attending next CPD with Nigel.”

Very informative.

Excellent as usual.

From Sydney, 30 January 2015

Excellent and finally attend a CPD where you learn something, were challenged to think outside the box”

“ Terrific. Thank you.”

Very well organized, informative , right level of interaction/discussion.”

Great as usual.”

“As usual an extremely interesting and entertaining presentation.”

“I definitely enjoyed every minute of the seminar today. Very engaging and interactive- I did not feel sleepy at all.”

Great session as always.Presented in an interesting way, lots of examples.”

This is my fourth CPD with Nigel, I don’t bother with the other training as he is the only one worth it.”

From Sydney 14 Nov 2014 and Perth 7 Nov 2014

“ Nigel is the consummate professional. His written material is of excellent quality for use on a day to day basis. His presentations are interesting.

“ Simply the best CPD workshop.

“Nigel is the best teacher I’ve met. Workshop is very organized. Informative and helpful. His explanation for all these complicated issues made it very easy to understand and follow. Definitely will come back next year and recommend to other colleagues.

“Excellent Work. Thanks a lot”.

“Very informative, well structured, well presented, useful materials, great case studies. Personalized and excellent client services.”

“ Found all topics very interesting.”

“I like the way Nigel shared his knowledge/expertise for real cases.

“ Interesting topics and great presenter. Would recommend to friends and colleagues.

From Melbourne, 31 October 2014

“Excellent presenter with an obvious passion and interest for areas covered. The workshop was stimulating and informative – I would highly recommend it.”

“Nigel passes on his knowledge in a direct and plain manner that is easily understood. Invaluable to my review work.”

“Good presenter. Takes a lot of effort and put in a lot of content.”

“Excellent! Really helpful information with practical application. Case studies are very relevant and helpful. Materials are excellent also – details will be helpful back at work.”

“As always Nigel is a good presenter; will come back again.”

“Very engaging presenter – delivery of topics covered are very clear with good examples provided.

“Awesome as always.”

“Always informative and practical.

“Good arrangement made for training venue. We were well- looked after by Ritchie, as always.”

“Excellent topics and presentation, very informative.”

From Sydney, 24 October 2014

“Brilliant as always, no point in going anywhere else!Gives me all I need and more.”

“Love working though technical points with Cancellation, Bridging Visas, 4014,4013,4020 and more.”

“Generous sharing of knowledge from an expert presenter.

“Excellent experience as usual.””

“Always relevant to business and loads of real life examples. Well presented and small classes allow for more interaction.”

“Very informative session and well delivered by a very knowledgeable practitioner! A passionate lecturer and teacher. Thanks Nigel.”

“Always leave with great new tools.”

“This workshop provides huge and useful information.”

“Very informative.”

“Brilliant in every aspect.”

“Very informative, engaging and interactive. I look forward to coming back next year to renew my CPD registration.”

“Very informative and interactive.”

“Very educational and very humorous.”

From Melbourne, 16 August 2014

“Very informative method of working through complex issues.”

“Very astute in pointing the differences in different applications of the same terms for different visas”

“Informative, up to date on operations of DIBP’s Computer operation e.g. 8503 & GSM”

“Great, Loved it”

“Very interesting”

“Great ! I learned a lot”

“Excellent Seminar – as always. Looking forward to the next one.”

From Sydney, 14 August 2014

“Most interesting and engaging CPD I have ever attended.”

“Great material coverage and good balance of technical review, case studies, case laws and reference to real situations which draws from Nigel’s extensive experience – really beneficial to understand applicability of the law from these practical examples.”

“The presentation was very informative, it addressed all relevant issues encountered in practice and provided useful tips. The materials also make it easier to follow and allowed you to participate more without having to worry taking notes. Very comprehensive.”

“Great session. Nigel kept everyone engaged throughout the day. Very knowledgeable with lots of practical experience and tips.”

“Great speaker, engaging, practical examples were helpful.”

“Interesting CPD, well delivered, understanding that a lot of context needed to be delivered in a day.”

“Useful practical examples of real life’ cases, examples of previous rulings are very helpful.”

“Good level of discussion. The technical aspects are well presented.”

“Excellent session. I learned a lot – it stretched my knowledge.”

“The session is very informative. Thank you for the wonderful presentation.”

“Most interesting and engaging CPD I have ever attended.”

“Very beneficial and interesting. Well structured. Appreciate the effort.”

“Another fantastic and informative session.”

From Sydney, 8 August 2014

“Workshops are always informative and well presented. These CPDs are far superior to any other I have attended".

“All presented topics are critical and necessary to my practice. They are practical in real life scenarios. ”

“Seminars presented by Nigel are always informative, interesting, well organised and fun. For something that is necessary for registration purposes, its nice to be able to attend seminar that is NOT like pulling teeth. In addition to the seminar content all the little things like emails and texts from Ritchie and a great lunch, yummy snacks/morning tea makes the overall experience an enjoyable one. Thanks."

“Very good. It is a CPD not for "purpose of registration only". Will come next year, and will recommend to my colleagues.”

"Love the presenter, the staff and how all is delivered. See you all next time.”

“I find the workshop very informative and the material provided a good handy reference to study and read in your own time.”

“Awesome as usual Nigel ”

"Great! ”


"Excellent CPD again. Second but definitely not the last.”


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    From Sydney

    " Nigel's frank delivery is gold! Tips are much appreciated to… BVB."

    " Fantastic CPD! Great materials, great instructor, good pacing, kept attention. Good coverage of important points."

    " Funny, Educational, Brilliantly presented and so relevant to current legislative changes. Impacts our business."

    " There is no doubt that the topic and materials provided throughout the CPD are practical & realistic."

    " It’s the 3rd or 4th CPD course I’ve done with Nigel. As usual brilliant, very informative and no less entertaining."

    " Excellent content and presentation. A very comprehensive view of the new changes."

    " Great information and I really enjoyed Nigel’s presentation. Well worth the time and money. Highly recommended."

    " This is the best CPD provider. Nigel is the best."

    " Nigel is a fantastic presenter. Materials are excellent. I always leave feeling empowered and motivated. The information presented genuinely adds value to my business."

    " Very interesting. Good foundation for existing and new practitioners."

    " Informative and entertaining."

    " My 5th or 6th CPD with you. Great, informative as usual."

    From Sydney

    "Tough going at first! But got well and truly into the swing of things. The information provided was top class! Nigel’s explanations were excellent!! Highly impressed. Lunch was great."

    "Excellent, as it was the last time."

    "Very good. Nigel shared sound knowledge about the topics and is very keen to answer questions."

    "Very organized, very good presenter."

    "This was fantastic course and well presented."

    " Excellent"

    "As always , the material is thorough and Nigel is always engaging and very informative."

    "Very good. Good communication skills."

    "The session was great , very informative and interesting. Will definitely come back."

    "Very informative and engaging."

    From Melbourne

    "This was the best training I have attended. I was surprised by how quickly the day passed. I learnt many important practice skills that will enable me to advise my clients of all issues on the table."

    "Best CPD presentation. Informed and educated."

    "Seminar material comprehensive & likely to be of a going use. Many Thanks! The time passed quickly, which is a compliment to Nigel!"

    "Nigel’s presentation is engaging and interesting."

    "Nigel was very informative, has great energy & the materials were excellent."

    "Very organized & focused. On time & straight to the point."

    "Always a great workshop. Some of it is over my head but I’m getting there I think! Great practical tips."

    "Many thanks, loved the session as always."

    "Very good."

    "Excellent session. Well presented."

    "Informative & enjoyable."

    "Catering was excellent."

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